Patellariaceae Corda, Icon. fung. (Prague) 2: 37 (1838).

Mycobank number: MB 81111;Index Fungorum number: IF 81111; Facesoffungi number: FoF 00342, 143 species.

Sexual morph: Apothecia sessile, black, circular, humidity sensitive and turn into hysterothecia when dry. Ectal excipulum composed of carbonized pseudoparenchymatous tissue. Hamathecium comprising paraphysoids or paraphyses, their apices are branched, pigmented and covered by dark exudates. Asci cylindrical, fissitunicate and arising from croziers. Ascospores overlapping 2–3-seriate, cylindrical, ellipsoid, fusiform, or clavate, hyaline or brown, with septa (Kutorga and Hawksworth 1997; Yacharoen et al. 2015). Asexual morph: Coelomycetous (Yacharoen et al. 2015).

Type: Patellaria Fr.

Notes: Patellariaceae was introduced by Corda (1838). The family includes 21 genera and around 52 species (Jaklitsch et al 2016; Wijayawardene et al. 2017a). This is a widely distributed family mostly found on bark or wood as saprobes (Kutorga and Hawksworth 1997; Yacharoen et al. 2015; Jaklitsch et al 2016).