Otidea olivaceobrunnea Harmaja, Phytotaxa 2: 49 (2009) FIGURE 16

MycoBank number: MB 543326; Index Fungorum number: IF 543326; Facesoffungi number: FoF 12601.

Saprobic on soil. Sexual morph: Apothecia 1.5−2 cm broad, 2.5−4 cm high, gregarious, ear-shaped, split, stipitate. Stipe 3−6 mm broad, 0.7−1.7 cm long, terete, solid, brownish, basal with white to cream tomentum and mycelium. Receptacle surface dark brown to yellowish brown, daker than hymenium in color, margin mostly deeply split on one side. Hymenium pale brown to olive-brown, nearly smooth. Stipitipellis 60−110 µm broad, of textura angularis to textura globulosa, yellowish to brownish, composed of 13−17 × 9−12 μm cells, with hypha-like hairs, abundant close to base, composed of 3−5 µm wide, hyaline to brownish, septate. Ectal excipulum 70−160 µm, composed of textura angularis to textura globulosa, 13−19 × 8−12 μm cells, yellowish to brownish, with hypha-like hairs, composed of 3−5 µm wide, hyaline to brownish, septate. Medullary excipulum 170−270 μm, composed of textura intricata, 4−6 µm broad hyaline to brownish hyphae. Paraphyses 2−4 µm broad, with yellow to brownish pigments, filiform, exceeding the asci slightly, curved at the apex. Asci 160−188 × 10−12 μm, 8-spored, cylindrical, operculate, inamyloid. Ascospores [20/1/1, in H2O] (14.5−) 15.3−16.9 (−17.5) × (7.0−) 7.4−8.0 (−8.2) μm (Q = 1.93−2.50, Q = 2.10±0.13), ellipsoid to oblong, hyaline, uniseriate, equilateral or slightly inequilateral, rounded at the ends, uniguttulate to biguttulate, or with additional smaller granules, smooth. Asexual morph: Unknown.

FIGURE 16. Otidea olivaceobrunnea. a–c Typic mature specimens. d Ectal excipulum close to base. e Asci and paraphyses. f–h Asci. i–m Ascospores. Scale bars: d–h = 50 μm. i = 20 μm. j–m = 10 μm.