Multiseptospora thailandica Phookamsak & K.D.Hyde.
Index Fungorum number: IF550929, Facesoffungi number: FoF00431; Fig. 1
Etymology – The specific epithet “thailandica” refers to the country where the taxon was first collected.
Holotypus – MFLU 11–0219

Saprobic on Thysanolaena maxima. Sexual morph Ascomata 180 – 260 μm high, 210 – 320 μm diam., solitary to gregarious, scaterred, immersed, visible as dark spots with sparse, with tufts of hyphae on host surface, uni-loculate, globose to subglobose, setose, ostiole central, with pore-like opening, obtuse at the apex. Peridium 10 –60 μm wide, with thin to thick walls, of unequal thickness, slightly thick at the base and sides, composed of several layers of dark brown to black cells, oganized in a textura angularis to textura prismatica. Hamathecium composed of dense, 0.8 – 1.5 μm wide, narrow cellular, distinctly septate pseudoparaphyses not constricted at the septa, anastomosing above the asci, embedded in a hyaline gelatinous matrix. Asci (77–) 80 – 95 (–110) × (18–) 19 – 22.5 μm ( = 85 × 20 μm, n = 25), 8 – spored, bitunicate, fissitunicate, broadly cylindrical, short pedicellate, apically rounded with indistinct ocular chamber. Ascospores (35–) 37 – 43 (–45) × 6 – 8 μm ( = 40.6 × 7.3 μm, n = 30 ), overlapping 2 – 3-seriate, fusiform to vermiform, with acute ends, slighty curved, initially hyaline to pale brown, becoming brown to dark brown at maturity, 10 – to 11 – septate, slightly constricted at the septa, smooth-walled, surrounded by thin, distinct, mucilaginous sheath. Asexual morph Undetermined.

Culture characters – Colonies on PDA fast growing, 70 – 80 mm diam. after 4 weeks at 25 – 30 °C, brown to orangish brown at the margin, dark brown to dark grey in the centre; reverse brown to orangish-brown at the margin, dark grey in the middle, black at the centre; dense, circular, slightly raised to umbonate, smooth to dull with entire edge, concave at the centre, fluffy to floccose, aspect smooth, producing brown pigments in agar.

Material examined – THAILAND: Chiang Mai, Doi Suthep-Pui, on dead stem of Thysanolaena maxima Kuntze (Poaceae), 13 Febuary 2011, R. Phookamsak RP0099 (MFLU 11–0219, holotype), ex-type living culture, MFLUCC 11–0183. GenBank ITS: KP744447; LSU: KP744490; SSU: KP753955.

Fig. 1 Multiseptospora thailandica (holotype) a Ascomata on host surface b Section through an ascoma c Peridium d Pseudoparaphyses e – i Asci j –
n Ascospores o Ascospore at maturity. Scale bars: b = 100 μm, e = 50 μm, c – i = 20 μm, j – o = 10 μm.