Mucidula mucida (Schrad.) Pat.

MycoBank number: MB 456952; Index Fungorum number: IF 456952; Facesoffungi number: FoF 10364; Fig. 1–2

Pileus 30–50 mm diameter, convex, broadly convex to plano-convex, becoming hemispheric when immature, soft, putrescent, surface white to dirty white (1A1), yellowish white to greyish yellow (4A2–4B3) at the center on rare occasion, gelatinous, subumbonate to viscid when wet, smooth. Lamellae adnate, white, broad, straight, sometimes reticulate, anastomosing veins on the lamellae. Context white, 2–4 mm thick at the centre, thin to the margin. Stipe 20–60 mm × 0.5–1 mm diameter, tough, white at above near pileus, slightly pale brown at near base, smooth, fibrillose, with small scales at middle to near base. Annulus present at above of stipe, white, prominent, pendant, membranous, viscid. Odor mild. Taste not observed.

Basidiospores (18–)18.1–20.2–23.2(–24.1) × (–14)14.7–16.9–19.3(–19.8) µm, Q= (1.09–)1.11–1.2–1.42(–1.45) globose, subglobose to broadly ellipsoid, smooth, thick-walled, imamyloid. Basidia (50.3–)50.3–57–67.9(–69.9) × (16–)18.4–21.3(–21.3) µm, clavate to broadly clavate, 2–4 sterigmata, slightly thick-walled. Cheilocystidia (15–) 15–19.2–22.1) × (–5)5–6–7.2(–7.2) µm, variable shapes, clavate, narrowly clavate, fusiform occasionally capitate, thin walled. Pleurocystidia (39.2–)39.2–47.3–58.1(–58.1) × (14.5–)14.7–16.8–20.4(–20.4) µm, cylindrical to subcylindrical, thin-walled. Pileipelliis ixotricchoderm to ixo-tricho- hymeniderm, with composed of slender hyphae with terminal cells 20.53–39.02 µm long, clavate to broadly clavate cells 18.23–45.02. Clamp connection present.

Habitat – growth on the tree or dead tree, branches and trunks of broad-leaved trees.

Distribution – China, Japan, Laos and Russia.

Material examined – LAOS, Xiang Khouang, 27 May 2018, Phongern sysouphanthong (HNL503504); ibidem Vientiane Capital, Xaythany district, Houay Yang Forest Reserve, 30 March 2018, Phongern sysouphanthong (HNL503530), and 16 January 2016 (HNL503214).

Fig. 2 – Fresh basidiomata of Mucidula mucida on field by Phongern sysouphanthong. ab (HNL503504). Scale bar 20 mm.

Fig. 3 – Micromorphology feature of Mucidula mucida. a Basidiospores, b Cheilocystidia, c Basidia, d group of cheilocystidia, e Pleurocystidia, f Pileipelliis ixotricchoderm. Scale bar 10 µm.