Marthomamyces Lini K. Mathew, Jacob Thomas and Neeta N. Nair, gen. nov.   Figs 1, 2

Index Fungorum number: IF558390; Facesoffungi number: FoF 09833

Etymology: – named for honouring the research institution.

Parasites on leaves. Mycelium ectophytic, branching opposite at acute to wide angles, reticulate. Haustoria forming at the tip of the hyphal branches, reach the stomata, enlarge and divide, lack appressoria.

Sexual morph: Thyriothecia oval, ellipsoidal, X or Y-shaped, elongated with radiating cells, astomatous, dehisce longitudinally at the center. Asci oval, octosporous, bitunicate. Ascospores brown, conglobate, uniseptate.

Type species: Marthomamyces vateriae Lini K. Mathew, Jacob Thomas and Neeta N. Nair Figs 1, 2

Fig. 1. Marthomamyces vateriae (MTCHT 99). a. Non-appressoriate mycelium with haustoria, b. Dehiscing thyriothecia, c. Asci, d. Ascospores

Fig. 2. Marthomamyces vateriae (MTCHT 99). a. Infected host leaves of Vataeria idica, b. Colony with thyriothecia, c. Branching pattern of mycelia, d-e. Haustoria plugged around host stomata, f. Developing thyriothecia, g. Mature thyriothecium, h. Asci and ascospores, i. A germinating ascospore, j. Pycnidiospores