Marantokordyana M. Piepenbr., Maike Hartmann, T.A. Hofm. & M. Lutz, gen. nov.

Index Fungorum number: MB832383; Facesoffungi number: FoF

Type species: Marantokordyana oberwinkleriana M. Piepenbr., Maike Hartmann, T.A. Hofm. & M. Lutz, see below

Etymology: The name refers to morphologically similar species of Kordyana and to the host family Marantaceae.


Plant-parasitic fungi infecting species of Marantaceae. Fungal hyphae in intercellular spaces in leaves, causing yel- lowish spots without hypertrophic growth, filling substomatal chambers, protruding through stomatal openings. Basidia ex- posed on top of stomata on the abaxial side of leaf blades in spherical balls, mixed with paraphyses, each basidium with two straight sterigmata carrying one basidiospore each. Basidiospores blastosporic, with conspicuous hilum, without apiculus, cylindrical to slightly allantoid, often liberated in pairs, with one central septum at maturity. Basidiospores ger- minating with thin hyphae producing tiny, rod-shaped to fusiform conidia that multiply by budding yeast cells.