Luteomyces trichodermoides (M. Cabello et al.) Q.V. Montoya & A. Rodrigues, comb. nov.(Fig. 5).

MycoBank number: MB 835152; Index Fungorum number: IF 835152; Facesoffungi number: FoF;

Basionym: Escovopsis trichodermoides M. Cabello et al., Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 107: 737 (2015).

Type: BRAZIL: Rio Claro, São Paulo, 22° 23′ 46.93″ S; 47° 32′ 40.12″ W, isolated from the upper part of a fungus garden of Mycocepurus goeldii, 13 Aug 2011. V. E. Masiulionis (14.0662—CBS holotype, preserved as a freeze- dried sample; VEM001, CBS 137343, CBMAI 1620, LPSC1176—ex-type cultures).

Sequences: KJ485699 (ITS), KF033128 (tef1), MF116052 (LSU), MT305417 (rpb1), and MT305542 (rpb2).

Fig. 5 Illustration of the microscopic structures of Luteomyces trichodermoides (syn. Escovopsis trichodermoides). A Pattern of disposition of conidiophores on aerial mycelium. B A conidiophore. CF Poorly differentiated conidiogenous cells (holoblastic determinate conidiogenous cells with synchronous arrangement). G Conidium with ornamentation. H Smooth conidium. I Chlamydospores