Sympodiorosea kreiselii (L.A. Meirelles et al.) Q.V. Montoya & A. Rodrigues, comb. nov.(Fig. 6).

MycoBank number: MB 835148; Index Fungorum number: IF 835148; Facesoffungi number: FoF;

Basionym: Escovopsis kreiselii L.A. Meirelles et al., PLoS One 10 (e0112067): 7 (2015).

Type: BRAZIL: Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, Praia da Joaquina, 27° 37′ 50.01″ S; 48° 27′ 3.64″ W, elev. 1 m, isolated from fungus garden of Mycetophylax  morschi,  6 Mar 2009. A. Rodrigues (CBS H-22062, dried culture on PDA – holotype; LESF 53, CBS 139320, CBMAI 1691—ex-type cultures).

Sequences: KJ808767 (ITS), KJ808766 (tef1), KJ808765 (LSU), MT305418 (rpb1), and MT305543 (rpb2).

Fig. 6 Illustration of the microscopic structures of Sympodiorosea kreiselii (syn. Escovopsis kreiselii). A Pattern of disposition of conidiophores on aerial mycelium. B A conidiophore. CH Shapes of the sympodial conidiogenous cells. I Conidia with denticle (detached from the conidiogenous cell), J Conidia with a hole (when the denticle remains on the conidiogenous cell). K Chlamydospores in chain