Lobariaceae Chevall. [as ‘Lobarieae’], Fl. gén. env. Paris (Paris) 1: 609 (1826)
Index Fungorum number: IF 80962 Facesoffungi number: FoF 15512

The family Lobariaceae traditionally comprised the three genera Lobaria, Pseudocyphellaria and Sticta, but the genus concept has recently been revised to accept 12 genera (Moncada et al. 2013; Galloway 2015; Lumbsch and Lücking 2015). In addition, phylogenetic and morphological studies also suggest that species richness in this family is much higher than previously accepted and that names applied to supposedly widespread taxa, such as Lobariella crenulata (Hook. in Kunth) Yoshim., Pseudocyphellaria crocata (L.) Vain. and Sticta fuliginosa (Dicks.) Ach., actually represent many different, often unrelated species (Moncada et al. 2013, 2014a, b). Especially the genus Sticta is now believed to contain several hundred species (Moncada et al. 2014a), two of which are described here.