Keithomyces Samson, Luangsa-ard & Houbraken, gen. nov.

Index Fungorum number: MB 834876; Facesoffungi number: FoF14488

Etymology: Named after Dr Keith A. Seifert, in recognition for his contributions to our knowledge of asexually reproducing fungi.

Description: Asexual morph paecilomyces-like, producing co- nidiophores with divergent whorls of 2– 4 phialides; conidia echinulate to aciculate, in chains.

Type   species:   Keithomyces   carneus   (Duch´e   &   R.   Heim) Samson, Luangsa-ard & Houbraken

Notes: – This genus comprises species isolated mainly from soil and produce paecilomyces-like asexual morphs and echinulate or aciculate conidia. Paecilomyces sensu stricto is classified in the Eurotiales; Metarhizium produces green or brown coloured conidia in contrast to the pink-shaded conidia of Keithomyces.