Keithomyces carneus (Duch´e & R. Heim) Samson, Luangsa- ard & Houbraken, comb. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 834877; Index Fungorum number: IF 834877; Facesoffungi number: FoF14489.

Basionym:  Spicaria  carnea  Duché  &  R.  Heim,  Recl.  Trav. Cryptogam. Dédiés `a Louis Mangin: 454. 1931.

Synonyms: Paecilomyces carneus (Duché & R. Heim) A.H.S. Br. & G. Sm., Trans. Br. Mycol. Soc. 40: 70.1957. Metarhizium carneum (Duché & R. Heim) Kepler et al., Myco- logia 106: 821. 2014. Penicillium nopporoense [as ‘nopporoensum’] Y. Sasaki & Nakane, J. Agric. Chem. Soc. Japan: 775. 1943. Spicaria carnosa J.H. Mill. et al., Mycologia 49: 800. 1957. Spicaria decumbens Oudem., Archives Néerlandaises 7: 290. 1902.

Description and illustration: See Samson (1974).

Typus: France, Hills of Vauville, sandy soil, collection date unknown, J. Duche (holotype CBS H-7449, culture ex-type CBS 239.32, type culture of Spicaria carnea).

Habitat: Dune sand, Thysanoptera (Thripidae), Coleoptera (Staphylinidae), soil.

Known distribution: China, France, Japan, Netherlands, USA.

Notes: Keithomyces carneus is a common soil fungus in temperate regions and could be easily recognized by its echinulate conidia and green reverse.

Fig. 3. Keithomyces carneus. Colonies after 14 d. A–B. CBS 239.32. A. On MEA. B. On OA. C– D. CBS 339.59. C. On MEA. D. On OA. E–G. Conidiophores and conidia on MEA. H–J. Conidiophores and conidia on OA. Scale bars = 10 μm.