Inopinatum Haelew. & Aim

Inopinatum (Latin, meaning ‘unexpected’ and referring to the unexpected placement of this pink yeast genus in Leotiomycetes)

MycoBank number: MB 835917; Index Fungorum number: IF 835917; Facesoffungi number: FoF14381;

Type species: Inopinatum lactosum (E. Sláviková and Grab.-Łon.) Haelew. and Aime

Description: Yeast-like fungi belonging to Theobolaceae (Theobolales, Leotiomycetes). Teleomorph unknown. Anamorph pink-pigmented, forming pseudohyphae and hyphae; blastoconidia bilaterally symmetrical; no known fermentation. Isolated from animal faeces and wastewater.


  • Inopinatum lactosum