Hormonema Lagerb. & Melin, in Lagerberg, Lundberg & Melin, Svensk Skogsvårdsförening Tidskr. 25: 233 (1927)

Index Fungorum Number: IF 8562; Facesoffungi Number: FoF 11108

Note – The genus Hormonema, typified by H. dematioides, has been applied to melanized filamentous fungi that produce slimy, yeast-like conidia that are formed basipetally in a non-synchronous manner from one or few loci on cells of undifferentiated vegetative hyphae. Percurrent conidiogenous loci in Hormonema has served to distinguish the genus from similar fungi classified in Aureobasidium that produce conidia synchronously from the conidiogenous loci
(Hermanides-Nijhof 1977, de Hoog & Yurlova 1994). The differences in modes of conidiogenesis and cluster analysis of ITS1 and ITS2 sequences clearly separated fungi with Aureobasidium anamorphs from those with Hormonema anamorphs (de Hoog et al. 1999, Yurlova et al. 1999). The type species of Hormonema, Hormonema dematioides Lundberg and Melin has been suggested as the asexual state of Sydowia polyspora (Butin 1964; Cheewangkoon et al. 2009). In phylogeny analysis by Bills et al. (2004), Sydowia polyspora and H. dematioides clustered in the same clade. H. dematioides do not have the sequences of ex-type strain, and no authentic specimen has been described. Sequence data of LSU and other protein-coding genes and culture-based analysis are required in order to
confirm this relationship. Hence, we do not synonymize Hormonema under Sydowia and further investigations are suggested.

Type Species – Hormonema dematioides