Hemigrapha asteriscus (Müll. Arg.) R. Sant. ex D. Hawksw., Kew Bull. 30(1): 191 (1975).

Melanographa asteriscus Müll. Arg., Flora, Regensburg 65(33): 519 (1882).

MycoBank number: MB 530383; Index Fungorum number: IF 530383; Facesoffungi number: FoF 02312; Fig. 8

Description: see Dai et al. (2018).

Material examined: Australia, New South Wales, Mount Kosciuszko, on thallus of Peltigera dolichorrhiza (Lichen). Müller J. 1882 (G 00292584, syntype).

Fig. 8 Hemigrapha asteriscus (G 00292584, syntype). a, b Her- barium material. c, d Appearance of ascostromata on host surface. d Ascostromata in the water. e Section of ascostroma. f Asci with hamathecial tissues. g Ascospores. Scale bars: b = 10 mm, c, d = 500 µm, e = 50 µm, f, g = 5 µm