Hantamomyces aloidendri Crous, sp. nov.

Index Fungorum number: MB837841; Facesoffungi number: FoF

Etymology. Name refers to the host genus Aloidendron from which it was isolated.

Mycelium consisting of hyaline, smooth, branched, septate, 2.5–3.5 µm diam hyphae. Conidiophores arising from superficial hy- phae, erect, solitary, cylindrical, pale brown, smooth, branched, septate, up to 200 µm tall, 2.5 – 3 µm diam. Conidiogenous cells integrated, pale brown, smooth, subcylindrical; conidiophores with terminal conidiogenous region with 1– 2 denticulate loci, 1 × 1 µm, with separating cell leaving minute collarette; one locus in basal region above septum, and second locus if present below apical septum, 10 – 30 × 2.5 – 3 µm, but conidiogenous cells giving rise to next cell in zigzag fashion (sympodial), appearing like a drawn out rachis. Conidia hyaline, smooth, guttulate to

Colour illustrations. Aloidendron dichotomum growing along the mountain ridge. Left column D. aloidendri. Conidiomata on SNA; conidiogenous cells giving rise to conidia; conidia. Right column Hantamomyces aloidendri. Conidiophores giving rise to chains of conidia; conidia. Scale bars = 10 µm.

granular, fusoid, not to slightly constricted at median septum, tapering towards both ends to truncate hilum with minute mar- ginal frill, scar 1 µm diam, at times somewhat darkened, with conidia occurring in long, unbranched chains, forming a mucoid droplet with age; conidial chains with conidia attached to one another by minute separating cell, with collarette developing at each end, 1– 3-septate, (15 –)17–18(– 20) × (3.5 –)4(– 5) µm.

Culture characteristics — Colonies erumpent, spreading, with moderate aerial mycelium and smooth, even margin, reaching 20 mm diam after 2 wk at 25 °C. On MEA, PDA and OA surface dirty white, reverse buff.

Typus. SOUTH AFRICA, Western Cape Province, Nieuwoudtville, on leaves of Aloidendron dichotomum (Asphodelaceae), 2018, P.W. Crous, HPC 3020 (holotype CBS H-24432, culture ex-type CPC 38655 = CBS 146814, ITS and LSU sequences GenBank MW175348.1 and MW175388.1).