Fumagospora G. Arnaud, Annals d’École National d’Agric. de Montpellier, Série 2 10(4): 326 (1911)

Index Fungorum Number: IF 8278; Facesoffungi number: FoF 11070

Mycelium superficial, brown, fumagooid. Pycnidia vertically elongated, simple or branched, although inflated, and has a veil and a fringed door at the apex. Stylosporus partially inflated, brown, variously shaped, oblong or ellipsoidal, and has transverse and longitudinal septa.

Type species –  Fumagospora capnodioides G. Arnaud, Annals d’École National d’Agric. de Montpellier, Série 2 10(4): 326 (1911)

NoteFumagospora was introduced by Arnaud (1911) based on F. capnodioides. Species of this genus are related to or associated with species of Capnodium (Arnaud 1911) (M. Erdoğdu).