Fumagospora capnodioides G. Arnaud, Annals d’École National d’Agric. de Montpellier, Série 2 10(4): 326 (1911)

Index Fungorum Number: IF 212995; Facesoffungi Number: FoF 11071

Mycelium superficial, brown, fumagooid. Pycnidia vertically elongated, up to 1% high, very diverse, simple or branched, however, more or less inflated, tapering to the apex and the opening fringed dehisceutia. Stylosnoris elongated. in various ways, mostly transversely three-septate, pockets 1-2 divided by a longitudinal septum, 10-io μm long and 4-6 μm broad.

Habitat – For the branches and oil of different plants (Lemons, olives, neroli, etc.) throughout the year, in the south of France, or throughout the world.

Notes – The study of F. capriodioides suggests that this species is probably a micromegalic alteration of Pleocouturea castagnei.