Ericiomyces gen. nov. Karpov et Reñé

MycoBank number: MB 836466; Index Fungorum number: IF 836466; Facesoffungi number: FoF;

Parasitoid of brackish-water dinoflagellates with simple thallus with monocentric, epibiotic sporangium having endogenous development, with haustorium. Sporangium covered with spines has a smooth papilla. Zoospore with central ribosomal aggregation around the nucleus. Posterior Microbody- lipid-complex (MLC) contains a lobed microbody enveloping a large lipid globule. Mitochondria locate around ribosomal core. Kinetid is adjacent to the MLC. Centriole is connected to kinetosome by oblique fibrils without zone of convergence. Anterior root composed of six microtubules passes from kinetosome along the microbody. Cyst contains a syringe-like structure, and uses a special funnel-shaped structure for penetration into the host.

Etymology: Ericio (Greek) – meaning hedgehog, refers to the spiny sporangium appearance, myces – fungus.

Type species : Ericiomyces syringoforeus sp. nov.