Elsinoe canavaliae Racib. [as ‘canavalliae’], Parasit. Alg. Pilze Java’s (Jakarta) 1: 14 (1900). Fig. 33

MycoBank number: MB 627279; Index Fungorum number: IF 627279; Facesoffungi number: FoF 05847;

Description – see Jayawardena et al. (2014).

Material examined – Philippines. Laguna Province: Mount Maquiling, near Los Baños, on Canavalia ensiformis (Fabaceae), Baker, August 1913 (S F66900, isotype).

Figure 33 Elsinoë canavaliae (S F66900, isotype). a Herbarium material. b Pseudoascostromata on host substrate. c Section of pseudoascostroma. d Asci with eight irregularly arranged ascospores. e Ascus stained with cotton blue reagent. f Fissitunicate dehicnese of the ascus. g Section of conidiomata. h Phialidic conidiogenous cells and conidia of Sphaceloma ampelinum material redrawn from Sutton & Pollok (1973). Scale bars: c, g = 100 μm, d–f, h = 10 μm.