Myriangiales Starbäck

MycoBank number: MB 90486; Index Fungorum number: IF 90486; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08098.

Myriangiales was introduced by Starbäck (1899) for species characterized by crustose ascostromata and muriform ascospores, based on the type species, Myrangium duriaei (Hyde et al. 2013). Kirk et al. (2008) included three families in order Myriangiales, Cookellaceae, Elsinoaceae and Myriangeaceae. Lumbsch & Huhndorf (2010) accepted only Elsinoaceae and Myriangeaceae in Myriangiales based on phylogenetic results. Our phylogenetic analyses from ITS, LSU, rpb-2 and SSU (Fig. 32) showed that Myriangiales has two major clades, Elsinoaceae and Myriangeaceae. Both families are well-separated (Fig. 32). Phylogenetic analyses generated from LSU data (not shown) indicated that Endosporium clusters basal to Myriangiales. However, it does not cluster in Myriangiales when using four loci (ITS, LSU, rpb-2 and SSU sequence data are used (Fig. 32). Thus, we retain this genus as incertae sedis. The divergence time for Myriangiales is estimated as 130 MYA (stem age) (Fig. 2).

Accepted families: Elsinoaceae, Myriangeaceae.


Myriangiales genera incertae sedis