Echidnodella Theiss. & Syd., Annls mycol. 15(6): 422 (1918) [1917].

Epiphytes on surface of leaves. Superficial hyphae radiating from the margins of the thyriothecia, lacking appressoria. Sexual state: Thyriothecia superficial, scattered or gregarious, black, with a longitudinal slit. Hamathecium of 2–2.5μm wide, hyaline pseudoparaphyses. Asci 8-spored, bitunicate, subglobose-clavate, sessile or with a short papilla-like pedicel, thickened at the apex, with an ocular chamber. Ascospores overlapping 2–4-seriate, conglobate, hyaline when immature, becoming brown to reddish brown at maturity, with rounded ends, 1-septate, strongly constricted at the central septum. Asexual state: Unknown.

Notes: Echidnodella species are similar to Lembosia species, but the superficial hyphae in Echidnodella lack appressoria or appressoria, while the hamathecium contains pseudoparaphyses, we place Echidnodella in Asterinaceae.

Type species: Echidnodella linearis (Syd. & P. Syd.) Syd., Annls mycol. 15(6): 422 (1918) [1917].