Cylindrosympodium variabile (de Hoog) W.B. Kendr. & R.F. Casta~neda, Univ. Waterloo Biol. Ser. 32: 10. 1990.

MycoBank number: MB 127687; Index Fungorum number: IF 127687, Facesoffungi number: FoF 12057;

Basionym: Subulispora variabilis de Hoog, Stud. Mycol. 26: 56. 1985.

Typus: Netherlands, Utrecht Province, Baarn, De Vuursche, on rotten needle of Pinus sp. (Pinaceae), Sep. 1982, G.S. de Hoog (holotype CBS H-1634, culture ex-type CBS 563.82).

Notes: Ecologically, C. variabile has a broader host spectrum than C. lauri (Crous et al. 2007b). Phylogenetically, Cyl. variabile and Cyl. lauri form a fully supported clade representing the genus Cylindrosympodium (Fig. 1).