Cyathus Haller, Hist. stirp. Helv. 3: 236 (1768) Index Fungorum number: IF 19085

Type species: Cyathus striatus (Huds.) Willd., Fl. berol. prodr.: 399 (1787)

The genus Cyathus belongs in the Agaricaceae, despite the unusual form of its basidiomata (also known as peridia), which resemble a bird’s nest and grow on wood or dung. These peridia are typically vase-, trumpet- or urn-shaped with dimensions of 4–8 mm wide and 7–18 mm high. The type species, Cyathus striatus (Huds.) Willd. was described from Europe, but the genus has a cosmopolitan distribution and comprises ca. 45 species (Das et al. 2016).