Coelodictyosporium Thambug. & K.D. Hyde, Fungal Divers. 74: 218 (2015).

MycoBank number: MB 551286; Index Fungorum number: IF 551286; Facesoffungi number: FoF 00802; 3 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 1 species with molecular data.

Type speciesCoelodictyosporium pseudodictyosporium (Q. Tian, Camporesi & K.D. Hyde) Thambug. & K.D. Hyde, Fungal Divers. 74: 218 (2015).

Lophiostoma pseudodictyosporium Qing Tian, Camporesi & K.D. Hyde, in Liu et al., Fungal Divers 72: 114 (2015).

NotesCoelodictyosporium was formally introduced by Thambugala et al. (2015b) based on its unique morphological characteristics and phylogenetic analysis. The asexual morph of this genus is characterized by brown applanate conidia similar with species of Dictyosporium (Thambugala et al. 2015b).


  • Coelodictyosporium pseudodictyosporium