Blasdalea Sacc. & P. Syd., Syll. Fung. (Abelini) 16: 634 (1902).

MycoBank number: MB 592; Index Fungorum number: IF 592; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07922; – 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), molecular data unavailable.

Type species: Blasdalea disciformis (Rehm) Sacc. & P. Syd., Syll. Fung. (Abellini) 16: 634 (1902).

Vizella disciformis Rehm, Hedwigia 39(4): 227 (1900). Notes: von Arx and Müller (1954) illustrated the type species which has cylindrical asci and abundant pseudoparaphyses and ascomata opening by a large ostiole. Hyde et al. (2013) were unable to find the sexual morph in the holotype which was described in Rehm (1900). They found one-celled, brown conidia with a hyaline transverse band, some two-celled, hyaline to brown, with a medium lighter septum. Blasdalea may be related with Fasciatispora which has unitunicate asci, but the nature of the asci in the illustration provided in von Arx and Müller (1954) is not clear. In this study, Blasdalea is maintained as a distinct genus in Vizellaceae pending fresh collections and molecular studies.


  • Blasdalea disciformis