Astrosphaeriella Syd. & P. Syd., Annls mycol. 11(3): 260 (1913).

MycoBank number: MB 441; Index Fungorum number: IF 441; Facesoffungi number: FoF 01222; 50 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 9 species with molecular data.

Type speciesAstrosphaeriella fusispora Syd. & P. Syd.

NotesAstrosphaeriella was introduced by Sydow & Sydow (1913a), with Astrosphaeriella fusispora as the type. Astrosphaeriella is a common genus on bamboos, palms and stout grasses (Barr 1990a, Zhou et al. 2003, Tanaka & Harada 2005a, Hu 2010, Liu et al. 2011, Zhang et al. 2012b, Phookamsak et al. 2015b). The morphology of Astrosphaeriella has been well-studied, but the asexual morph of the genus was rarely established until Phookamsak et al. (2015b) described the holomorph of Astrosphaeriella bambusae and confirmed that Astrosphaeriella has coelomycetous asexual morph as mentioned in Tanaka & Harada (2005a). For morphology of type species see Phookamsak et al. (2015b).


  • Astrosphaeriella fusispora