Allodiatrypella H.Y. Zhu & X.L. Fan gen. nov.
MycoBank No: MB 837776
Etymology: In reference to the morphological resemblance to Diatrypella.
Diagnosis: Phylogenetically sister to Eutypa, differs by the polysporous asci.
Description: Necrotrophic on branches of Betula spp.Sexual morph: Stromata solitary, immersed in host bark, slightly erumpent from the bark surface. Ectostromatic disc yellowish to dark grey, ovoid to ellipsoid. Perithecia outer surface lacking powdery entostroma, flaskshape, surrounding the ectostromatic disc, irregularly scattered or arranged circularly, with discrete perithecial necks. Ostioles numerous, umbilicate, sulcate, scattered to gregarious, dark grey to black. Asci clavate to elongate obovoid, polysporous, thin-walled, long pedicellate, apically rounded to at. Ascospores elongate-allantoid, thin-walled, pale yellowish to pale brown at maturity, straight to slightly curved, smooth or multiguttulate, containing 1–4 guttules per cell, aseptate. Asexual morph: not observed.