Xyladictyochaetaceae Crous & Hern.-Restr., Fungal Systematics and Evolution 1: 212 (2018)

Index Fungorum number: IF 824802; Mycobank number: MB 824802Facesoffungi number: FoF 06787; 1 species.

Saprobic on leaf litter. Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Mycelium medium brown, smooth, septate, branched hyphae, forming globose, intercalary, brown, smooth, chlamydospore-like structures. Conidiophores erect, brown, smooth, subcylindrical, flexuous, multiseptate. Conidiogenous cells terminal and intercalary, polyphialidic, lacking flared collarettes. Conidia solitary, aggregating in slimy mass, hyaline, smooth, fusoid-ellipsoid, slightly curved, apex subacute, base truncate, medially 1-septate; each end with flexuous, unbranched appendage (adapted from Crous et al. 2018c).

Type genusXyladictyochaeta Hern.-Restr., R.F. Castañeda & Gené

Notes – Hernández-Restrepo et al. (2017) introduced Xyladictyochaeta typified by X. lusitanica in Xylariales based on LSU phylogeny. Xyladictyochaetaceae was introduced by Crous et al. (2018c) as a monotypic family, sister to Phlogicylindriaceae, based on LSU phylogeny. Multi-gene phylogeny (LSU-ITS-rpb2tub2) in this study clearly shows that Xyladictyochaetaceae is a sister to Phlogicylindriaceae in Amphisphaeriales with high statistical support (95% ML).