Varioseptispora L. Qiu, Jian Ma, R.F. Castañeda & X.G. Zhang, gen. nov.

Index Fungorum number: MB833082; Facesoffungi number: FoF

Differs from Helminthosporium and Spadicoides by its distoseptate and euseptate conidia.

Type species: Varioseptispora chinensis L. Qiu & al.

Etymology: Vario- (Latin) meaning variable + septispora (Latin) referring to the septate spores.

CoNIDIopHoRes macronematous, mononematous, unbranched, erect, cylindrical, smooth, septate, brown to dark brown, with or without enteroblastic percurrent  regenerations.  CoNIDIogeNoUs ceLLs polytretic, integrated, terminal or intercalary, determinate, cylindrical, with several conspicuous pores. Conidial secession schizolytic. CoNIDIA solitary, acropleurogenous, dry, clavate, obclavate or obovoid, distoseptate and euseptate, brown to pale brown, smooth.