Vamsapriya Gawas & Bhat, Mycotaxon 94: 150 (2006)

Index Fungorum number: IF 29041; MycoBank number: MB 29041Facesoffungi number: FoF 00372; 8 morphological species (Jiang et al. 2018), 6 species with sequence data.

Type speciesVamsapriya indica Gawas & Bhat

Notes Vamsapriya was introduced by Gawas & Bhat (2005) based on asexual morph, and Dai et al. (2017) described the sexual morph for the genus. The sexual morph has solitary, scattered, immersed ascomata with papillate, ostiole, cylindrical, shortly pedicellate asci with a J+, apical ring, and fusiform, apiosporous, 1-septate, hyaline ascospores with pointed ends surrounded by inconspicuous sheath. The asexual morph has dark brown, erect, rigid, synnematous conidiophores, terminal or intercalary, monotretic, enteroblastic, dark brown, ellipsoidal conidiogenous cells and cylindrical, fusiform, straight to flexuous, brown to dark brown, 0–20- septate, slightly verrucose conidia. Most of the species are described from bamboo (Dai et al. 2014a, 2017, Jiang et al. 2018). Based on phylogeny and morphology, Jiang et al. (2018) and Wendt et al. (2018) accepted the genus in Xylariaceae.