Trichothyrium sarciniferum Speg., Boln Acad. nac. Cienc. Córdoba 11(4): 556 (1889).

MycoBank number: MB 161963; Index Fungorum number: IF 161963; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07919; Fig. 135

Description: see Hyde et al. (2013).

Material examined: Brazil, Apizhy, on Meliolaceae on unidentified leaves, 1881, C. Spegazzini (LPS1441, holotype).

Fig. 135 Trichothyrium sarciniferum (LPS1441, holotype). a The leaf substrate. b Colonies on the leaf surface. c Squash mount of the ascoma. d The upper wall of ascomata. e Superficial mycelium forming thalli on hyphae of Meliolaceae species. f, g Cross section of the ascoma. h–j Asci mounted in Melzer’s reagent. k, l Ascospores mounted in Melzer’s reagent. Scale bars: b = 200 µm, c = 50 µm, e–f = 20 µm, d, g–j = 10 µm, k–l = 5 µm