Trichopeltella Höhn., Sber. Akad. Wiss. Wien, Math.naturw. Kl., Abt. 1 119: 458 (1910).

MycoBank number: MB 5564; Index Fungorum number: IF 5564; Facesoffungi number: FoF 07916; – 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), molecular data unavailable.

Type species: Trichopeltella montana (Racib.) Höhn., Sber. Akad. Wiss. Wien, Math.-naturw. Kl., Abt. 1 119: 458 (1910).

Trichopeltis montana Racib., Bull. int. Acad. Sci. Lett. Cracovie, Cl. sci. math. nat. Sér. B, sci. nat. 3: 378 (1909).

Notes: Wu et al. (2014) examined the holotype of T. montana, but the specimen only comprised the asexual morph. Thus, the comparison with Brefeldiella and Trichopeltella is unclear. Hyde et al. (2013) mentioned that Trichopeltella may be a synonym of Brefeldiella. Based on its distinct asexual morph, with a “root-like” thallus and aseptate hyaline conidia it is accommodated as a separate genus in Trichopeltinaceae (Hongsanan et al. 2014a).


  • Trichopeltella montana