Trechispora P. Karst. emend. K.H. Larss. Hedwigia 29: 147, 1890

MycoBank number: MB 18664; Index Fungorum number: IF 18664, Facesoffungi number: FoF

= Cristelloporia I. Johans. & Ryvarden, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 72: 189, 1979

= Echinotrema Park.-Rhodes, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 38: 367, 1955

= Hydnodon Banker, Mycologia 5: 297, 1913

= Scytinopogon Singer, Lloydia 8(3): 139, 1945

Basidiomata resupinate effused, dimidiate, stipitate, or clavarioid; hymenophore smooth, grandinioid, odontioid, hydnoid or poroid, white, ochraceous, light yellowish to red- dish brown, mycelial cords often present; hyphal system monomitic or dimitic, all septa with clamps, some generative hyphae in subiculum, trama, and mycelial cords with ampullate septa; caulocystidia or sphaerocysts present in a few species; basidia cylindrical, often with a slight median constriction, with 2–4 sterigmata; basidiospores mainly 3– 6 μm, smooth or ornamented, subglobose, ellipsoid, subangular or turbinate, rarely lobed; conidiospores some- times present as arthroconidia, blastoconida, or chlamydo- spores; calcium oxalate crystals common on subicular hyphae and cords.

Type species: Trechispora onusta P. Karst. Hedwigia 29:147, 1890.