Toxicocladosporium Crous & U. Braun, Studies in Mycology 58: 39 (2007).

MycoBank number: MB 504426; Index Fungorum number: IF 504426; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06970; 15 morphological species (Fotedar et al. 2019), 15 species with molecular data.

Type speciesToxicocladosporium irritans Crous & U. Braun, Studies in Mycology 58: 39 (2007).

NotesToxicocladosporium is characterized by dark, thick-walled conidial and conidiophore septa (Crous et al. 2007b,  Bezerra et al. 2017, Fotedar  et al. 2019). The genus differs from Cladosporium sensu stricto in lacking the typical coronate Cladosporium scar type (Crous et al. 2007b). All species of Toxicocladosporium have available sequence data.


  • Toxicocladosporium irritans