Tomasellia arthonioides (A. Massal.) A. Massal., Flora, Regensburg 39: 284 (1856).

Arthopyrenia arthonioides A. Massal., Ric. auton. lich. crost. (Verona): 169 (1852).

MycoBank number: MB 124738; Index Fungorum number: IF 124738; Facesoffungi number: FoF 04652; Fig. 115

Description: see Doilom et al. (2018).

Material examined: Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige Province, on the bark of Fraxinus ornus L., J. Milde. (S, F217044).

Fig. 115 Tomasellia arthonioides (F217044). a Herbarium materials. b Black stromata on the host. c, d Section of astroma. e Psuedoparaphy- ses. f, g Asci with ascospores. Scale bars: b = 500 µm, c, d = 50 µm, e–g = 10 µm