Togniniella Réblová, L. Mostert, W. Gams & Crous, Stud. Mycol. 50(2): 543 (2004)
Index Fungorum number: IF500157; 1 species with sequence data.

Type species – Togniniella microspora (Ellis & Everh.) Réblová

Notes – Togniniella has glabrous ascomata with branched ascogenous hyphae, paraphyses longer than asci and suballantoid ascospores. After re-examining the  type material of T. acerosa, Réblová (2011) concluded that Togniniella microspora (synonym of Ceratostomella microspora) is identical to T. acerosa and accepted T. microspora as the only species in Togniniella. Réblová et al. (2004) and Réblová (2011) found that Togniniella constitutes an independent clade and is related to Calosphaeria. Flabellascus is closely related with Togniniella based on  tub2-ITS-act-LSU analysis (Hyde et al 2020).


  • Togniniella microspora