Phylogram generated from a Bayesian analysis based on combined ITS and LSU sequence data for species of Lyophyllaceae. Based on the BLASTn algorithm. Based on the BLASTn results and outcomes of sound phylogenetic studies focused on Lyophyllaceae (Hofstetter et al. 2002, 2014; Bellanger et al. 2015; Crous et al. 2015c; Vizzini et al. 2015), sequences were obtained from GenBank ( Entoloma sericeonitidum (EF421108, AF261315) and Entoloma sericeum (DQ367430, DQ367423) (Entolomataceae) are used as outgroup taxa. Tree topology of the Bayesian analysis is similar to the maximum-likelihood analysis. Bootstrap support (BPP) values (in bold) ≥ 0.7 and maximum-likelihood bootstrap (MLB) values ≥ 50% are given above or below the nodes. Newly generated sequences are in blue and in bold