Synnematotriadelphia Chuaseehar., Somrith., Nuankaew & Boonyuen, Mycological Progress 19:137 (2020)

MycoBank number: MB 833278; Index Fungorum number: IF 833278; Facesoffungi number: FoF 13587; 2 species with sequence data.

Type speciesSynnematotriadelphia stilboidea (Mercado & R.F. Castañeda) Chuaseehar., Somrith., Nuankaew & Boonyuen

NotesTriadelphia was erected by Shearer & Crane (1971) to accommodate taxa with sporodochia and characterized by Triadelphia heterospora with short, subhyaline to dark coloured conidiogenous cells with dark, septate conidia with two different pleomorphic forms. Constantinescu & Samson (1982) re-examined herbarium specimens and emended the generic concept to agglomerated sporodochium-like structures, conidiogenous cells arising from hyphae, and blastic conidia with at least two pleomorph forms produced on synthetic media. Mercado & Castañeda (1983) and Matsushima (1995) added two synnematous species to Triadelphia, T. stilboidea and T. synnematofera. However, they did not emend the generic descriptions of Triadelphia to include those with synnematous conidiophores. Therefore, Chuaseeharonnachai et al. (2020) introduced Synnematotriadelphia for species with synnematous conidiomata that produce pleomorphic spores on natural substrata or on culture media. This is supported by a phylogenetic study with the new genus forming a well-supported separate clade to Triadelphia.