Superstratomycetales van Nieuwenh., Miądl., Houbraken, Adan, Lutzoni & Samson.

MycoBank number: MB 819160;Index Fungorum number: IF 819160; Facesoffungi number: FoF 08926.

Superstratomycetales was introduced to accommodate previously unknown taxa in Pezizomycotina which were recovered from oil-treated timber after outdoor exposure in Australia and the Netherlands (Nieuwenhuijzen et al. 2016). The phylogenetic tree (Fig. 74) indicates that species of Superstratomyces form a clade with high support (100% ML, 1.0 PP, Fig. 74) within Dothideomycetes. The divergence time for Superstratomycetales is estimated as 156 MYA (stem age, Hongsanan et al. 2020).

Accepted families: Superstratomycetaceae.

Fig. 74 Phylogram generated from maximum likelihood analysis (RML) of genera in Superstratomycetales based on ITS, LSU, rpb-2, SSU and tef1 sequence data. Maximum likelihood bootstrap values equal or above 70%, Bayesian posterior probabilities equal or above 0.90 (MLBS/PP) are given at the nodes. An original isolate number is noted after the species name. The tree is rooted to Venturia inaequalis (CBS 815.69). The ex-type strains are indicated in bold. Hyphen (-) represents support values below 70% MLBS and 0.90 PP