Sporidesmium tratense J. Yang & K.D. Hyde, sp. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 559832; Index Fungorum number: IF 559832; Facesoffungi number: FoF 12844;

Etymology: referring to the collecting site at Trat Province in Thailand.

Holotype: MFLU 22-0070

Saprobic on submerged decaying wood. Asexual morph: Colonies on wood effuse, hairy, dark brown, scattered or in small groups, glistening. Mycelium mostly immersed, composed of septate, smooth, brown to hyaline hyphae. Conidiophores macronematous, mononematous, erect, solitary or caespitose, straight or slightly flexuous, cylindrical, 1–3-septate, smooth-walled, unbranched, mid or dark brown, slightly paler towards the apex, (53–)85–120(–160) × 5–8.5 µm ( = 100 × 6 µm, n = 20). Conidiogenous cells monoblastic, integrated, terminal, determinate, cylindrical or lageniform, brown, 11.5–20 × 4.6–7 µm, darkened and truncate at the apex, with up to three lageniform percurrent proliferations, sometimes bearing a brown cyathiform cup borne at where elongating percurrently. Conidia acrogenous, solitary, obpyriform or obclavate, 4–7-euseptate, smooth-walled, mid or dark brown, with apical cell pale brown to subhyaline, 29–43 × 11–15 µm ( = 36 × 12.8 µm, n = 20), rostrate, guttulate, truncate at the base, thickened and darkened at the septa. Sexual morph: Undetermined.