Sordaria Ces. & De Not., Comm. Soc. crittog. Ital. 1(4): 225 (1863)

MycoBank number: MB 5061; Index Fungorum number: IF 5061; Facesoffungi number: FoF 01149; 50 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 15 species with sequence data.

Type speciesSordaria fimicola (Roberge) Ces. & De Not.

Notes – This mainly coprophilous genus has perithecial ascomata, cylindrical asci and brown ascospores, some with appendages, sheaths and/or pores and may also be saprobic on wood (Barr 1990b, Maharachchikumbura et al. 2016b). Species such as S. fimicola occur on herbaceous plants, wood and soil (Lundqvist 1972, Chambers & De Wet 1987, Alma et al. 2000, Kavak 2012, Ivanová 2015). A new species, S. clematidis, will be introduced from the UK on Clematis by Phukhamsakda et al. (2020).


  • Sordaria fimicola