Seiridium Nees, Syst. Pilze (Würzburg): 22 (1816)

Index Fungorum number: IF 9868; MycoBank number: MB 9868; Facesoffungi number: FoF 01696; 39 morphological species (Jaklitsch et al. 2016b, Species Fungorum 2020), 20 species with sequence data.

Type speciesSeiridium marginatum Nees

NotesSeiridium are characterized by 6-celled conidia (Jeewon 2003a, Maharachchikumbura et al. 2014b) and are widely distributed as saprobes and plant pathogens (Tsopelas et al. 2007). The genus was established by Nees (1816). Blogiascospora and Lepteutypa were identified as the sexual morph (Senanayake et al. 2015). Jaklitsch et al. (2016b) epitypified Seiridium marginatum and confirmed its sexual morph as Blogiascospora marginata based on molecular data. Seiridium spyridiicola is illustrated in this entry (Fig. 233).

Figure 233 Seiridium spyridiicola (Material examined – ITALY, Forli-Cesena Province, near Camposonaldo – Santa Sofia, on dead and land cone of Picea excelsa, 15 April 2015, Erio Camporesi IT2444, MFLU 15-0813; living culture KUMCC 16-0115). a Appearance on host. b Close up of several conidiomata. c Section of conidioma. d Wall of conidioma. e, f Conidiogenous cells giving rise to conidia. f, g Conidiophores with conidia. h-k Conidia (upside down). Scale bars: a = 500 µm, c = 1 mm, d = 100 µm, e-l = 20 µm.