Scutellinia verruculosa M. Zeng, Q. Zhao & K.D. Hyde, sp. nov. FIGURE 24

MycoBank number: MB; Index Fungorum number: IF; Facesoffungi number: FoF 12608.

Saprobic on soil. Sexual morph: Apothecia 0.3−0.5 cm broad, 0.2−0.3 cm high, scattered, orange red to red when fresh, with visible hairs at margin, sessile. Receptacle concave to discoid, receptacle surface orange red, almost concolorous with the hymenium, covered brown setae, margin conspicuous, entire, red, with hairs. Hymenium orange red. Ectal excipulum 250−320 µm, composed of textura angularis to textura globulosa, 74−93 × 54−70 μm, yellowish, with up to 950 μm long, 40 μm broad close to base, dark brown, septate, setose hairs with simple base and pointed end. Medullary excipulum 290−450 μm, composed of textura intricata, 5−12 µm broad hyaline hyphae. Paraphyses 3−5 µm broad, filiform, with yellowish pigments and multiple oil droplets, exceeding the asci, apex enlarged, 6.5−10 µm broad. Asci 250−300 × 16−21 μm, 8-spored, cylindrical, operculate, inamyloid. Ascospores [20/1/1, in H2O] (19.1−) 19.6−21.6 (−21.9) × (13.8−) 14.1−16.4 (−17.9) μm (Q = 1.22−1.44 Q =1.35 ±0.06) (excluding ornamentation), broadly ellipsoid to ovoid, hyaline, uniseriate, equilateral, rounded at the ends, uniguttulate, ornamented with cyanophilic tuberculate warts, some containing one de Bary bubbles. Asexual morph: Unknown.

FIGURE 24. Scutellinia verruculosa. a–c Typic mature specimens. d Ectal excipulum. e Hair. f Asci and paraphyses. g–j Asci. k, l Apex of asci (l Apex of asci in Melzer’s reagent). m-r Ascospores (r Ascospore in Cotton blue). Scale bars: d, e = 150 μm. fj = 100 μm. kr =10 μm.