Morphology and specimen distribution of Clade 9 Russula benwooii (Woo sp. 67). BW followed by numerals designate Ben Woo samples. a Photo by B. Woo, BW805A, scanned image from WTU. b Distribution of specimens of the Woo collections in Pacific Northwest States and Provinces. c–h Micromorphology, all 1000x magnification. c Spores in median optical section and surface view in Melzer’s reagent (c1-c2 BW931; c3-c4 BW1005; c5-c6 BW1034; c7-c8 BW931; c9-c10 BW931; c11-c12 BW816); d–e Basidia (BW1034, BW931). f Hymenial cystidium (BW816); g–h Cap cuticle terminal cells with refringent contents (BW931, BW830). Scale bars 10 µm