Rhynchobrunnera B.A. McDonald, U. Braun & Crous, gen. nov.

MycoBank number: MB 838076; Index Fungorum number: IF 838076; Facesoffungi number: FoF14537;

Etymology: Composed of Rhyncho- (from the genus name Rhynchosporium) and Brunner (dedicated to Patrick C. Brunner, 4 July 1962 to 25 September 2019, who shared our passion for cereal fungal pathogens and was always seeking to know more about their origins and how best to define their species boundaries).

Similar to Rhynchosporium, but with different conidial morphology. Conidia solitary, subcylindrical, straight, (0–)1–3-septate, hyaline, hilum neither thickened nor darkened; conidial secession schizolytic.

Type species: Rhynchobrunnera lolii (K.M. King et al.) B.A. McDonald et al.

Ex‐holotype culture: CBS 135745 = IMI 502640.