Rachidicola K.D. Hyde & J. Fröhl., Sydowia 47(2): 217 (1995)

MycoBank number: MB 27632; Index Fungorum number: IF 27632; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06456; 1 morphological species.

Type speciesRachidicola palmae K.D. Hyde & J. Fröhl.

NotesRachidicola palmae occurs on living and dead fronds of palms (Arecaceae) in Brunei (on rachis of Oncosperma horridum), Hong Kong (on rachis of Calamus sp.) and Malaysia (on Daemonorops sp.). Rachidicola has solitary, dark-brown, raised ascomata, immersed under a clypeus, with a central ostiole, cylindric-clavate asci with a non-refractive apical ring and 2–3- seriate, hyaline, straight or slightly curved, 3-celled ascospores surrounded by a mucilaginous sheath. (Hyde & Fröhlich 1995).


  • Rachidicola palmae