Pseudotetraploa Kaz. Tanaka & K. Hirayama, Studies in Mycology 64: 193 (2009).

MycoBank number: MB 515257; Index Fungorum number: IF 515257; Facesoffungi number: FoF 06669; 4 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 4 species with molecular data (Tanaka et al. 2009, Hyde et al. 2020).

Type speciesPseudotetraploa curviappendiculata (Sat. Hatak., Kaz. Tanaka & Y. Harada) Kaz. Tanaka & K. Hirayama, Studies in Mycology 64: 195 (2009).

Tetraploa curviappendiculata Sat. Hatak., Kaz. Tanaka & Y. Harada, Mycoscience 46(3): 196 (2005).

Notes – Tanaka et al. (2009) transferred three species previously identified as Tetraploa and established Pseudotetraploa. Hyde et al. (2020b) described the fourth species, P. rajmachiensis from decaying culms of Dendrocalamus stocksii. Conidial morphology of Pseudotetraploa resembles Tetraploa, but Pseudotetraploa differs in having obpyriform to long obpyriform, distoseptate conidia with generally short and curved setose appendages. Sexual morph of Pseudotetraploa is unknown.


  • Pseudotetraploa curviappendiculata