Pseudoplatystomum Thambug. & K.D. Hyde, Fungal Divers. 74: 237 (2015).

MycoBank number: MB 551253; Index Fungorum number: IF 551253; Facesoffungi number: FoF 00822; 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020), 1 species with molecular data.

Type speciesPseudoplatystomum scabridisporum (Abdel-Wahab & E.B.G. Jones) Thambug. & K.D. Hyde, in Thambugala et al., Fungal Divers: 74: 40 (2015).

≡ Platystomum scabridisporum Abdel-Wahab & E.B.G. Jones, Mycoscience 41(4): 384 (2000).

Notes – The type species of this genus, Pseudoplatystomum scabridisporum was originally described as Platystomum scabridisporum in Platystomaceae by Abdel-Wahab & Jones (2000) based on their morphological characteristics. According to the phylogenetic analysis of Suetrong et al. (2009), the two strains of Pseudoplatystomum scabridisporum (BCC 22835 and BCC 22836) clustered in Lophiostomataceae but they did not formally transfer this species to Lophiostomataceae. Thambugala et al. (2015b) confirmed the placement of Pseudoplatystomum scabridisporum in Lophiostomataceae and introduced Pseudoplatystomum to accommodate Pseudoplatystomum scabridisporum in Lophiostomataceae. The type genus differs from Platystomum compressum by smaller ascomata with broadly papillate ostiole and longer asci and transverse and vertical septa in ascospores with verrucose walls (Abdel-Wahab & Jones 2000).


  • Pseudoplatystomum scabridisporum