Pseudomisturatosphaeria Thambugala & K.D. Hyde, Fungal Divers. 74: 249 (2015).

MycoBank number: MB 551275; Index Fungorum number: IF 551275; Facesoffungi number: FoF 00838; 1 morphological species (Index Fungorum 2020), 1 species with molecular data.

Type speciesPseudomisturatosphaeria cruciformis (Mugambi & Huhndorf) Thambugala & K.D. Hyde, Fungal Divers. 74: 251 (2015).

Misturatosphaeria cruciformis Mugambi & Huhndorf, Stud. Mycol. 64: 113 (2009).

Notes – Thambugala et al. (2015b) introduced Pseudomisturatosphaeria based on its similarity to Misturatosphaeria. Jaklitsch et al. (2016b) synonymized Pseudomisturatosphaeria under Teichospora giving broad illustrations and considered Teichospora trabicola as the type species. However, P. cruciformis can be distinguish from T. trabicola in having oblong to elliptical ascospores with distinct constricted middle septum, whereas T. trabicola has ellipsoid to clavate ascospores without a distinct constricted middle septum. Therefore, we keep Pseudomisturatosphaeria as a separate genus in Teichosporaceae.


  • Pseudomisturatosphaeria cruciformis