Prathigadoides M. Bakhshi, Zare & U. Braun gen. nov.

Mycobank number: MB 840243; Index Fungorum number: IF 840243; Facesoffungi number: FoF 15721

Etymology: Composed of Prathigada, a genus name used for morphologically similar species, and the Latin suffixoides (similar).

Type species: Prathigadoides gleditsiae-caspicae M. Bakhshi, Zare & U. Braun sp. nov.

Description: Plant pathogenic. Caespituli amphigenous. Conidiophores fasciculate, arising from a well-developed, substomatal to intraepidermal, semiimmersed, brown stroma, medium to dark brown, finely roughened, septate, unbranched, straight, slightly curved or geniculate-sinuous, subcylindrical, wall thickened. Conidiogenous cells integrated, terminal, finely roughened, polyblastic, proliferating sympodially, with conidiogenous loci thickened, darkened and protuberant. Conidia solitary, brown, sub-cylindrical to obclavate, usually distinctly rostrate, straight to gently curved, smooth to rough-walled, wall thickened, apex subobtuse to obtuse, base truncated to short obconically truncated, septate, hila thickened and darkened.